Sorry, you might not qualify for the Ontario Provincial Nominee For French-Speaking Skilled Workers program


Based on your answers you do not qualify to this program because you do not meet one (or several) of the following conditions:

    You don’t have at least 1 year of continuous work experience
    You don’t have an intermediate English proficiency level
    You do not have an upper-intermediate English proficiency level
    You do not have a university degree of 3 or more years
    You do not have a the necessary financial savings

What do I do next?

Don't worry! You might still be eligible to immigrate to Canada through a different immigration program. For us to find the best program for you, we need to evaluate your case and have an immigration consultation with you.

We follow a straightforward three-step process for immigration inquiries:

1) We collect your information and identify “red flags”, if any.

2) We conduct an in-depth assessment, provide you with a comprehensive consultation to fully understand your options, and most importantly, we walk you through the requirements for each option.

3) We confirm that you have a strong immigration case, and you can retain us as your authorized representative to process your permanent resident application with the Canadian government (provincial and/or federal).

Save your time, effort, and thousands of dollars spent under a “false hope. Conduct an assessment and receive a consultation by a certified entity that has a track record of achievement in the Canadian immigration system.

Seeking answers for temporary resident status or permanent resident status, on your own, could be confusing and frustrating. Let us do all the due diligence and legal research on your behalf. It is after all what we do for a living! Now go ahead and select the consultation/assessment package that suits your needs. We are here to help!


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